Evolution level:1
Name recipe: Sludge Soup a la Cube

A poison type Pokemon, Grimer is known for its various abilities such as Stench, Sticky Hold, and Poison Touch. It was first introduced in Generation I and it belongs to the species of Sludge Pokemon. This Pokemon is usually found in filthy areas and it grows by sucking the polluted sludge coming out of the nearby factories.

However, do not underestimate the power of Grimer. It is known for a plenty of moves and tactics. Some of the Grimer attacks are Pound, Harden, Disable, Screech, Gunk Shot, and Acid Armor. Some of the attacks in Grimer moveset are Poison Jab, Mud-Slap, Sludge Bomb, Sludge, and Mud Bomb. There are attacks in Grimer best sets too. They are Fling, Belch, Memento, Imprison, Stockpile, Swallow, and many more.

Grimer moves in Pokemon Quest

Move name Type Attack Cooldown, sec Stone Slots Description
Venom Drench Poison       The user spews poison in front of itself, sometimes raising the amount of damage enemies take.
Slam Normal 211 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Broadburst Stone The user slams nearby enemies with a long tail, vines, or the like, damaging all of them.
Tackle Normal 163 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone The user smashes into enemies in front of itself with all its might, damaging them.
Acid Armor Poison 0 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Sharing Stone, Stay Strong Stone The user alters its cellular structure to liquefy itself, reducing the damage it takes for a while.
Toxic Poison 59 4 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Broadburst Stone, Stay Strong Stone The user sprays a powerful poison around itself, often poisoning enemies hit by it.

How to get Grimer in Pokemon Quest

Are you pondering over the thought of how to attract Grimer to your base? Then you need to make this Grimer recipe called Sludge Soup. You need a whole lot of mushrooms and a lot of soft things to make this recipe. Prepare it by mixing Balm Mushroom (2) and Tiny Mushroom (3). You can even attract Grimer by mixing Balm Mushroom (3), Rainbow Matter (1), and Tiny Mushroom (1) in your cooking pot.

How to evolve Grimer in Pokemon Quest

Grimer evolution takes place at level number 38 where it evolves into Muk. However, in the case of Alolan Grimer, it transforms into Alolan Muk at the same level.