Evolution level:7
Name recipe: Honey Nectar a la Cube

Weedle is a Generation I Pokémon capable of releasing lethal poison from the barb on its head. This keeps Weedle protected from attackers. You can find this ‘Hairy Bug Pokémon’ in the forests and grasslands, munching on bush leaves or grass. Shield Dust and Run Away are Weedle’s abilities, the latter one being the hidden ability. This Pokémon learns moves like Poison String, String Shot, and Bug Bite by leveling up.

Weedle moves in Pokemon Quest

Move name Type Attack Cooldown, sec Stone Slots Description
String Shot Bug 118 2 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Scattershot Stone, Stay Strong Stone The user spews a sticky thread in three directions, creating nets that will damage enemies and often lower their movement speed.
Tackle Normal 163 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone The user smashes into enemies in front of itself with all its might, damaging them.
Lunge Bug 180 5 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Broadburst Stone The user lunges toward enemies in front of itself, damaging them.
Poison Sting Poison 107 7 Wait Less Stone, Whack-Whack Stone, Broadburst Stone, Stay Strong Stone The user fires a poisonous stinger at enemies in front of itself. Sometimes poisons enemies hit by it.

How to get Weedle in Pokemon Quest

Sludge Soup a la Cube recipe attracts a Poison Pokémon like Weedle. The proportionate mixture of mushrooms and soft things are required for the Weedle recipe. A whole of the former and a lot of the latter are enough to cook a perfect dish. Honey Nectar a la Cube recipe also works wonders as Weedle falls into the Bug-type category. Collect a lot of yellow and a whole of sweet things to cook the recipe.

How to evolve Weedle in Pokemon Quest

Weedle evolution initiates in level 7 when it evolves into Kakuna, a Poison Pokémon. In level 10, the second evolution takes place and Kakuna evolves into Beedrill. In both the evolution stages, use a Rare Candy to level up and therefore, evolving the Pokémon.